Apnea/Orchestra [Breathing Fire]

My heart is fueling a storm in my head
conducting electrical currents
like explosions in the veins in my eyes
so I can understand the red I see when
the elephant in the room takes a seat on my chest

Now if only I could get him to stand up
So I can exhale the words
Trapped in the bottom of my lungs
I have a feeling of fire and ice
Trapped between my diaphragm and windpipe

Now listen to the violins on my fingertips
Play a sad song on its silent strings
Inifinitely inflamed by the cold sotto voce
of the wind against my joints
Every new day is another new aching aria.

Bellows of my body, set my breath free
Compress the life back into
And out of my ribcage
Breathe life back into the kindling fire
These days have reduced to coals.

Let me feel like I’m alive again.


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