Liquor Wounds [Experiment]

Gotta get used to this blessing of being alone
When the winter has teeth and I’m chilled to the bone
But walking around in bare feet’s
Got me treading the past
Of broken bottles and bottle caps

The ground is coated in the aspersions they cast
I’m tripping on keeping the blood neat
Keeping the ice from the glass
There’s gotta be
Something easier than walking the coals
Crossing these bridges
Not spending time with the trolls
Hate how they roll

Smiling politely just to spite me
They’ve got the teeth of a wolf
Licking jowls, on the prowl,
cuz my feet bleed on the sidewalk
And there’s no time to bandage ’em

(Gotta keep moving
Gotta break through before time’s up)

Put down that phone, you’re alone
So fucking sick of your voice
I’ve got no option but pray for deafness
It’s like I haven’t got a choice
Let’s defect, let’s be reckless
My face is affectless
I’m not gonna smile at your callow
And feckless dissecting of what we built,
The faithful faceless

So tired of tasting the bottom of your boot
Rather lick the dirt and blood from our wounds
You want another round
We’ll take you flawlessly,
Victory not vengeance banner flying above, we
The callous and nasty, nothing so fancy
But it works in a pinch
It works like a stitch
Hurts like a bitch
Correcting the glitch and sewing the seams

You aren’t going to stop this
With every tumble we take
Like a snowball down a hill
Man, we got this.


Rainstorms Pass Away Unlike Headstones and Graves

Empty apartment, quiet room
Except for the intermittent flow of air
Whispered from my furnace,
Inadequately heating this

Memory speaks from the darkest crevices
Probably aided part by vodka
And an open space to roam
Reminding me, yet again, I am

I am covered like a cruel joke
By its black quilt, my size
I can’t see anything but black
But when the nighttime illusion is removed

Weeks, I could go weeks and months
Without a rollback into the dark tide
And grey rain clouds that disappear to the air like you
But some nights are hard I…

My only reprieve is sleep
Sometimes you go away if I sleep.
Rainstorms on a bleak day
Pass away unlike

Apnea/Orchestra [Breathing Fire]

My heart is fueling a storm in my head
conducting electrical currents
like explosions in the veins in my eyes
so I can understand the red I see when
the elephant in the room takes a seat on my chest

Now if only I could get him to stand up
So I can exhale the words
Trapped in the bottom of my lungs
I have a feeling of fire and ice
Trapped between my diaphragm and windpipe

Now listen to the violins on my fingertips
Play a sad song on its silent strings
Inifinitely inflamed by the cold sotto voce
of the wind against my joints
Every new day is another new aching aria.

Bellows of my body, set my breath free
Compress the life back into
And out of my ribcage
Breathe life back into the kindling fire
These days have reduced to coals.

Let me feel like I’m alive again.