Boltcutters And Bruises

There are too many people who have
Bumped the lock on my heart
And pulled the chains
And, forgetting the security
Of the steel links and tumblers
I left myself unfettered

Door left open to the elements
I left it ajar

I want to be loved,
I want to be cared about
When there’s no one there
But God and me
The city lights seem so bright
Especially when seen from my two eyes

Can you see the light I lose,
The light you leave behind when you’re gone?

There’s been so many excuses and apologies
I’m sorry, I thought you had a dad
I’m sorry, you’re not for me
I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore
So sorry, you had to watch me go that way
I’m sorry that I died and went home before you.

Explanations hurt worse than I’m sorry
Sorry could fix so many things, including distance

Bolt cutters leave teeth marks in the steel
Sad stories don’t forge or weld the damage
My heart: it has many bruises
One: from those who have let it go
And two: from clutching it in my hands too tight
My hands are drenched red from both.


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