Wisdom & Pure Misanthropy


I don’t like people that much as a whole. My introverted nature drives me to secluded places regularly to escape their voices and their questions. I think people are poison most of the time, having been betrayed by people who are close to me since the day I was born. People who were supposed to love me and care about me by the definition of the roles they attained by entering my life: father, friend, girlfriend, etc. I have since developed a distrust of most people and their true motives. I have declared this before, but there is no emotion in these words, only certainty.

I am a misanthrope.

noun \mi-ˈsan(t)-thrə-pē\
: dislike or hatred of other people

The greatest gift I have to offer is wisdom. As the Preacher put it, “For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” (Ecclesiastes 1:18). There is a rough road to learning this the hard way, the hard way being the only way I’m likely to learn anything practical. I have been called an old soul by many and I believe that to be true. In my short 28 years of life I have accrued more wisdom than is probably normal for someone my age. This is evidenced in the people I know who still find entertainment in getting drunk every weekend. But to have this kind of wisdom when all people will do is hear instead of listen, to look but not see, is one of the saddest, most frustrating parts of dealing with humanity I have experienced. I don’t claim to know everything but I wish some people would listen to me once in a while.

What does this have to do with misanthropy? I think addresses the very core of the misunderstanding of what misanthropy is. To hate humankind blindly and without prejudice is not only a sign of incompetence but completely unproductive. It is the misanthrope who hates the world and cages himself off from the world completely who is the fool. It is hard to find someone like this who maintains the philosophy indefinitely. It is usually a short span of time triggered by something external that will force someone into the hole of hatred of all mankind and shut himself off from the world. From time to time this has included me and I will openly admit that. But you are only committing murder in your mind when sinking to this level. It’s hard to escape but it’s toxic to the heart, soul, and mind.

Then there are misanthropes like me. I hate humanity but I do not forsake them completely. My hatred is a fuel for seeking improvement, enlightenment, and evolution in myself and people I know. I hate how ugly the world has become at the hands of mankind so I strive to believe there is some beauty to be found somewhere deep inside the cesspool I see every day. Their self-seeking, self-righteous, and self-important behavior has driven me to this point where I have to fight my judgemental side and point out the inanity of peoples’ actions. I’m just not built that way. It’s just so hard not to shut down completely some days considering how people treat each other and it’s hard to breathe the same air as others when the environment gets toxic. But I have to believe my hatred of humanity as a whole will serve as the impetus to be a force of change.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

This song has been a big encouragement:

This will read as a plea to vindicate intolerance as surely as it is written.

Contempt born of clear perception is a birthright to those who channel it toward progression.

Preserve life without loathing.
Awaken hope within hatred.
Wrest insight from outrage.

This is a birthright and obligation.

Spiteful and ill-tempered, I know the character well…
A maelstrom of weakness, and instability seething with viciousness.
I choose not to accept this;
Not into my life.
There is no hope of reform.
When pride is allied with hostility, all reason is denied.
I return the denial.

A glaring misconception of self-importance, I know the character well…
Heedless fool, so arrogant with no understanding of consequence.
I see this negligence.
I choose not to accept it;
Not into my life.
Absence of introspection neglects the outer world.
Let not the excess of lusts and comfort mislead you.
This world is not yours.

Feel the quarrel in just his presence, you know the character all too well…
A destructive man at war with his cowardice.
I detest belligerence, and choose not to accept it;
Not into my life.
Keep separate these hatreds.
Undefined animosity is a device of the spineless, the means of a fool.
Focused misanthropy is opposition for these dark hearts-
Downpours of disapproval no words could begin to express.

To distort the truth to serve itself,
To oppose understanding,
I believe in man.
Man will maintain its hostility.
Have this faith.

Conflict in the chest.
To be concerned for the needs of such heartless men.


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