[The]ory of [R]Evolution

днк готов2

ev·o·lu·tionˌevəlo͞SH(ə)n/ – noun: The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

There are a lot of people in Christendom who are up in arms about this word, this topic, and its supposed implications on what the Bible says about the creation of the earth and the creatures who dwell upon it, including us humans. This does not concern me. That is actually a topic for another day. As humans, we are granted an enormous, almost incalculable capacity for adaptability to almost any circumstance under any kind of stress. We were built to be dynamic. Yet, what I have found as of late is an utter refusal, whether it be a conscious decision or no, to put to use that ability to change and to become something better and beyond the circumstances of the present moment. And while I must include myself in this group, I think I have taken the first step by recognizing this is an issue for many and now reminding myself that I have it within myself to constantly evolve.

What does that look like?

I don’t have a lot of friends. I am alright with this fact because I am not, by nature, an overly social person. I don’t party, drink, go to bars for health reasons both physical and mental. I am 28 years old and I have moved past the phase in my life where I am dependent on social lubricants in order to function or enjoy myself. Where some fail to evolve, as I have seen, is the penchant to still find some sort of pleasure in getting inebriated on a regular basis. To me, alcohol was often used a lot in a time when water was undrinkable. Now it’s a pastime to pay money to bombard one’s brain cells with copious amounts of liquor. I do not understand it; it is beyond my capacity to grasp the logic in this. I ask myself in earnest, “What’s the point?” when I watch people down beer after beer to the point of intoxication and loss of inhibition. I guess maybe some people need chemical help to lose control. That is something difficult for me to grasp as I have to live my life in the exact opposite fashion.

Then there’s life in the face of tragedy. When the heart breaks and must take time to mend there ought to be some modicum of a transformative process; there ought to be some sort of light that goes off in their mind that perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from loss and heartache. Barring a select few, I have witnessed those who, even in the face of overwhelming loss, fail to exhibit any kind of willingness to take their pain to heart and turn it into something that makes them a better person or change them at all. Some, in fact, regress or devolve. It pains me to see those experiencing great amount of suffering take the brunt of it upon themselves and let it manifest itself in guilt or shame. In order to evolve, it would seem me one should take the energy wasted and use it to put themselves in a better place. By saying this I am not saying it is easy because I have seen the abyss inside all those emotional pitfalls and I have not yet learned entirely how to escape them myself. At the same time, I am learning to use it to fuel a personal evolution as a better option.

There is a myriad of other topics this touches on: homophobia, sexism, racism, misogyny, misandry, or any other form of bigotry you can think of. That people still think with the mentalities associated with any one or all of these topics shows a distinct lack of ability to evolve beyond the current mental framework or worldview a person constructed for themselves. That most with these frames of mind lack the ability or desire to change is even more glaring proof they are not using their God-given ability to reach beyond the scope of what they understand into the realm of the unknown to become more evolved in a world constantly changing and moving around them. They are the rock in the middle of the stream because they refuse, to paraphrase Henry Rollins, to climb a curb an inch high.

These kinds of issues have only further fueled my growing misanthropy. The actions of those who refuse to evolve from their current state is both infuriating and depressing to me because I know there is so much more out there than the small box people trap themselves in that inhibits growth beyond its boundaries. I have begun to despise this portion of mankind for their lackluster efforts and complacency to be comfortable where they’re at. This has served as fuel for me, in some ways. It has forced me to seek to better myself continuously because I refuse to be stuck in one place already at this age or going forward.

When I wake up and don’t want to work out I hear a voice in my head that tells me I must continue to evolve. So, I pull myself from my comfortable bed and get to it. I feel my intellectual powers diminishing and I hear, “evolve”. So I bury myself in books, articles, and whatever else I can find to strengthen and fortify my mind because I will not allow myself to relinquish the mind God gave me out of apathy any longer. I will go back to school for the same reason. And I thank God because I believe he has placed this message on my heart.



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