How I Once Battled at Sea

ShipPardon me, dear lady, as we have this heart to heart, our arteries firing cannonball blood clots in passing like warring ships passing on the open ocean, battling for the right of supremacy. Reach deep into my armory and gather the ballistics as the logistics between us are governing our directions. We are guided by the positions of the stars while the moon just sits and laughs at the folly of our back and forth thrombotic battery.

If only the truth were as easy to see as the approaching shorelines from the crows nest with a spyglass. But, as it stands we stand grounded by our anchors and windless sails.

It’s difficult to climb when the rope’s been cut and the ladder will no longer support the weight of a heart weighed down by lead shot from the firing of too many nearby guns. My hands alone make the rungs snap and I’m left on the deck with the crowd rather than standing out with the attitude that comes with altitude. so my lamplight shines in the night like an oil lamp-like lighthouse keeping you from crashing against the rocks of the shore.

Instead, let me lead you to safety, to the port of my open arms, my flag flying high as if to tell you, “This is safe harbor.” I am free of the pirates and brigands stealing and smuggling regret into your treasure chest; you know, the one where you keep your heart at its best: under lock and key and buried deep, sunken in the sand at the bottom of your tide-like movements.

Let me surface this part of you. Crack the lock and let it all fly out like lead balls from a battery of muskets until there’s nothing left but peace treaties and a cure for you loneliness disease.

I am nothing but a simple hand, a reach down into the salty waves to pull you out of the black waters of a tempestuous sea. I am not here to clean you up but merely elevate you above the waves so you can see the damage your ship has done to me. My battered hull is from years of experience saving those who have locked up their chest and thrown away the key. Only you can unearth the treasure, baby. Only you posses that skeleton key.


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