I recant

A while back I wrote a blog post about the breakneck pace and how much I missed it.

I’m now eating my words. I want you to know that I recant this statement with all my heart, body and soul. I’d include my mind in that but my mind is, more or less, shut down for the evening.

Take today as an example. I did 45 minutes of Yoga then realized I was going to be late for chapel, which is mandatory. I got there five minutes late and was counted present. I sat through this ridiculous sermon on DVD from some guy named Craig Groeschel which was only funny because he was quoting scriptures from different parts of the Bible and acting like he was reading it but he never turned the page.

I did get to meet some guys that form our discipleship group and had a good discussion there.

But then I had to go straight home to work on Greek and Archaeology and Geography of Bible Lands. This ended up taking me from about 1:30 PM until 5:30. I then had to go to class from 6-9 from which we got out about 20 minutes early. But my buddy B-rad needed a ride home so I gladly gave him one and then came home myself.

To more homework.

For my class on Romans.

I got home at 9:30 and I finished at 11.

And this is kind of what my time has been like for the last week. Add to that the insomnia that I’ve had to deal with along with my online class and I am running on fumes by the time I have to go to work from 2:30-11 PM four days a week.

It’s only the first few weeks and I am tired. Part of it is not being able to sleep that well but the rest is just being busy. It always feels like I’m just catching up. God has kept me strong, though, because even in spite of the insomnia I still made it to work and I have amazing doctors who are willing to work with me on getting me medication that works for me.

So, while I may not like the pace my life is going at right now I am very thankful and grateful that God is sustaining me through this.


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