Hello, Insomnia

“I look tired
It’s probably the insomnia
I sleep like Tyler Durdan
Stickin’ feathers in your ass does not make you a chicken.”
— P.O.S. “Half-Cocked Concepts”

Hello, insomnia. So good to see you again.

For the last three nights i have been struggling with the same thing that I fought with when I was coming of the Seroquel some weeks back. I finally fall asleep and then wake up every few hours, sometimes every hour. I end up severely frustrated and tired and it makes it much more difficult to go to sleep.

I realize some of this may be psychological, simply because I fall asleep faster than most that I don’t realize it. I roll over and the clock has moved forward an hour or two and I don’t realize I’ve been asleep for that whole time. But it’s still frustrating. It’s like someone’s playing with my head so I miss work and my moods generally aren’t the greatest. Then I realize it’s my own brain playing with me and that makes it all the more irritating.

Shouldn’t he be fighting on my side?

In any case, there hasn’t been much that I’ve done that has been of any help. My old tricks put me to sleep but don’t keep me there for very long. I wen to bed at 10pm last night and tossed and turned. Which felt like betrayal considering I was trying not to fall asleep on my futon not 15 minutes prior.

At least the days haven’t been as difficult as before. I got a workout in this morning to make up for missing yesterday and I’m actually currently putting off taking a shower as I write this. It felt good to have some energy for a while but now I’m ready to curl up and go back to bed. Naps have never been my thing.

So, for all of you who have had a crappy day or your day isn’t starting off the greatest, if you got a good night’s sleep before starting it you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of me.


One thought on “Hello, Insomnia

  1. Do not let yourself nap. No matter how dizzy with sleep you might be. Don’t even let yourself recline during the day. Go. Do. Write. Get as much out of your head as you can during your free time.

    Insomnia gains strength when you sleep/rest during the day. Choke it out.

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