Breakneck Pace

Aside from a week or two this summer, I was a complete bum.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think I did my time the previous two years and probably some of your share too. Between the previous two school years I had 60+ credit hours, two week-long service trips, a whole lot of homework and a summer-long internship at my church where I got a hand in doing pretty much everything. Then throw in there the fact that I had some health problems concerning what would essentially be classified as low-grade narcolepsy. Not to mention my normal seasonal affective disorder which lasts from about the end of October into March. It was capped off with finishing something a friend warned me about, something every student at my college must endure and that is the Hell Year.

Hell Year is when everything lines up perfectly and you end up taking a course load that no human should ever subject themselves. But because of degree requirements and your desire to graduate in a timely fashion, you take all these classes. For me, it was last year. Why? My degree requires two years of both Biblical Hebrew and Greek. Most students take them staggered, unless you’re my friend B-Rad (His name is Brad, that’s just what I call him) and take them concurrently. I staggered them so I was taking my second year of Hebrew and my first year of Greek in the same year. On top of that, I threw most of my higher-level electives which were taught by the two toughest professors in the college. I barely got out alive.

That’s all there to tell you I justified my laziness this summer by saying that I had survived a very long two years. That sounds fair. But I found it difficult to fill my time, I would get anxious when I didn’t have anything to do. I did my best to fill the time by watching the entire series of Wings on NetFlix, as well as a lot of other stuff that slips my memory at the moment. I did some reading, I did some writing. Towards the end of this summer, I did a lot of writing (obviously).

But, today I started classes again for my last fall semester. I was up early and I was ready and on time for Advanced New Testament Exegesis. Don’t worry about what that means if you don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I saw a familiar face of our New Testament and Theology professor, Dr. Jones. He handed out his syllabus. Something strange happened when we got to the assignment section.

I was actually excited. I was almost giddy. If you saw the workload for this class you’d probably think I was sick. But I guess I missed it.

After class I went back home and got my work out in. Today was Kenpo X which I feel I dominated, mostly because my shirt was completely soaked. I showered, dressed and headed back to the college for Intermediate Greek.

It was here I learned that, due to the pedagogical deficiency of last year’s Greek class, we had a new professor who was going to take us through the first year again in one semester and then try and crunch as much of second year into the second semester as possible. This would probably horrify some people and, admittedly, it’s a little daunting. But I realized something after I headed off to work.

I missed the breakneck pace.

I missed being busy and constantly having something to work on or complete. I went from 0 to 60 between yesterday and today and the shock of being back in that system was enthralling. I even discovered a new drama club had started and signed up to maybe be a part of that.

This is going to be a good last year of college. I can’t wait until it gets moving.

One thought on “Breakneck Pace

  1. It takes me a bit longer than you to adjust to classes again. And apparently we both did a lot of nothing interspersed with writing this summer. I’m not sure if I’ve encountered Hell Year, yet. This semester may be it, but I doubt that even with having my course load be over the max at 19.5 credit hours. (People have looked at me like I’m a loon for doing this, but whatever.) Most of those are easy graduation required Gen Eds that I’ve procrastinated on until now. It would be a whole different story if they hadn’t cancelled Chinese 2.

    I’m glad your doing well, and enjoying your classes so far. I’ll try to keep up with your posts on here more often. Maybe after December I’ll make a trip to Omaha again and we can catch a local show or something. I miss that.

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