The Little Things

My body apparently thinks it’s prudent to wake up an hour before my alarm goes off.

I’ve found this particularly annoying on days I don’t have to be anywhere in particular in the morning so I ca allot myself time for a full 8 hours of sleep. That hasn’t been happening. Oddly enough, it hasn’t really been affecting me or my moods all that much lately. Sure, getting out of bed is a little more difficult to get out of bed because, in my head, I tell myself I haven’t had enough sleep. But after being awake for 10 minutes or so I shake that feeling and turn on a bedside lamp. Light helps to wake me up.

This became particularly annoying Monday morning when I woke up at 7:30 with an alarm set for 8:15. I needed to get up in time to get some food, take some meds, and get out the door. I know I said that classes started the beginning of this week. So, I was preparing for a very long day because I would go to class, workout, come back and go to another class then go to work from 2:30-11 PM. I was bemoaning this fact the entire time I was loading books into my backpack.

Then I got this nagging feeling I couldn’t ignore.

I won’t sensationalize it but something in my head told me something was off with classes starting today. I had checked the academic calendar several times to make sure I knew when classes were starting among other things. But when I checked it this time it turns out classes didn’t actually start until Wednesday. Monday was open for registration and such, so the semester officially started Monday but classes wouldn’t begin until Wednesday.

Needless to say, I was not stoked about having woken up at 7:30 only to find out I didn’t need to. And once I’m awake I’m awake for the rest of the day. There is almost no way I will go back to sleep after getting up anymore. This incident was only further improved by the fact that I had to go through a ridiculous training class at a work on “Respect” that got shifted to Monday night so I got to stay an extra hour past my new end time. So, that made for a really long day.

Sometimes I think God speaks to us about little things. I don’t know why I suddenly felt the need to check the calendar one last time when I was absolutely certain classes started on Monday. There are little things, little intuitions, little things that pop into our heads and I wonder who else besides me gives them credence. It happened again last night.

Someone I talk to all day via text hadn’t been feeling well. I was at work and in training flanked by two Supervisors who would bust me so hard if I whipped out my phone and started texting it would make my head spin. We got a break and so I went to the break room and pulled out my phone. Normally, I’d just send her a text to see how she was doing. But something as quick as impulse had me calling her instead. I woke her up (sorry) and felt really bad. But she thanked me later when she was a little more awake as she really did need to be woken up. I told her I just had a feeling.

I can’t verify where it comes from. Maybe it’s just intuition or maybe it’s God using me to do the little things. I don’t know.

I’ll just keep listening and see.


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