What a Lucky Guy

I don’t think you see it.
Open your eyes and realize
that you are one of the luckiest guys
I have ever met.
Don’t try and debate me, I know it’s true
I’ve watched you as we’ve been friends
and it’s like nothing bad ever touches you
See, as a preliminary example
I could ball up my fist
and take a swing, like this,
and lo, and behold, something
intervenes and I miss.
This time just so happened to be
that you sneezed because
we were walking near flowers
and there was pollen in the breeze
curse those allergies…

We could walk into a casino
though I know you and I
we’re not gambling men
and you could bet it all
on one number at the roulette
table, kiss my lucky dice,
at the craps table you’d win
and walk away with thousands
from your hundreds
or something like that
I don’t really know how the
payout works at a roulette table
but you get my point, don’t you?

Well, let’s get more serious then
because I think we ought to talk
about your friends
I think you surrounded yourself
with some really great dudes
myself included
but you knew that already, didn’t you?
In a stroke of bad luck
which came only after a dry spell
of 19 years of your life
you lost your job or quit your job
on principal. Either way
you were broke within months
but, your luck still kept
and somehow you paid your rent
though no money passed from
your hand to make it happen.
But I understand it was tough
because you were going to travel
and magically the money appeared
seemingly out of thin air
to cover you
and no one held it against you
Even when your plans fell through
What rotten luck.

And before that until now, man
what a lucky guy
When you approached that tall tower
and that girl let yards of her hair down
And you climbed it and climbed it,
You almost made it to the top, man
You were lucky she was so patient
until she clipped her hair
with a large pair of scissors
inscribed with someone else’s name
and along with the hair
you came crashing down to the ground
to be angry and bitter.
But you were lucky and had friends
who stood by your side
and tried to help you through it
to guide you through those
tears and heavy sighs
You cursed her name
and she cursed yours
I know because I was there for
both sides of the argument
lucky me, I was friends
with both of you.

But wait.

Wouldn’t you know it but
as luck would have it
that same princess
let her hair grow out again
and threw it down to you one day
realizing the frivolity of your issues
and I’m guessing she threw
those shears away
and so you climbed up and away
from all of us, your lucky friends
and the funniest thing happened
when you reached the top.
You put a ring on that finger of hers
and, almost instantly,
the tower broke out into ivory
and your memory seemed
to forget all of us down
on the ground in an instant.

So, now what are all the rest of us
supposed to do down here
when your ivory tower
has a crack in its foundation?


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