An Open Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook,
You make me feel
like the loneliest
and most pitiful person
on earth, sometimes.
At least the only one
amongst the 400 plus
people I have labeled as
friends I’m networked
and connected to via
your website.

You had me hooked
when you stepped over
Myspace Friendster
(and, let’s be honest,
who really used Friendster)
to become the single most
frequented website known
to man
likely overtaking porn
which is quite a feat I admit
as people click over from
their illicit images of men
and women in precarious
sexual positions
to respond to the comment
someone left on the picture
of their family vacation
(Yes, Florida was so nice)

So, my hat’s off to you
Mark Zuckerwhatever your name is
Just another trend
in the eyes of technological giants.
I am no longer impressed.
I’m actually just a bit depressed
and I don’t think anyone
takes into account the stress
such things put on the socially awkward.
See, you say I’m connected
but I just can’t see the face
at the other end of the screen
talking to me.
I can’t ask my 400+ friends how their days were
I can barely keep track
of the few friends I do have.
It’s like juggling angry birds
while trying to maintain
economic stability and staying alive
in Mafia wars.
I just can’t do it.

I see what you’re doing
and don’t try and deny it
You have me post things
about my day under the guise
that it’s meant to keep
people in the loop of my life
And so it becomes a compulsive need
to update my timeline about
the most banal of things.
But we all know what it’s really about
I am so sick of feeling lonely
in this always changing
(a common complaint for your site)
but always the same
slideshow of people whose lives
are made to look happy
We only post what looks attractive
we only say the things that aren’t offensive
We smile when we don’t mean it
and our lives are shoved in the faces
of people we said were good enough
to look at it
For one single second
let the corners of your mouth fall still
and show me a picture or a video
of when your life was real.
Because for someone
who takes a lot of life at face value
It’s strange to me
to see a generation whose battle cry
is the rarely before uttered
but still very profound, “Why?”
Sell themselves short
in honesty for the sake
of self promotion and for the sake
of happy plastic faces that I know
most would rather burn than wear
So, let the conflagration begin.

Let us connect beyond wi-fi
and broadband connections
pictures that don’t mean anything
and pithy statements
and quoted song lyrics with no context
(a tactic I personally use quite often)
Stop liking things and go do things you like
connect in cyberspace but then
make real eye contact somewhere,
anywhere but the front of your computer
I’m guilty of this myself and so
I’ve got no right to point my clicking finger
But as depressed as I get some days
Facebook has never, ever
made it better.

So, dear Facebook,
You have your uses but
you still make me feel lonely
like I’m just one of millions of users
connected to people people
who mostly know me only by
a single conversation or
some perceived connection
or because we attend the same college
but have never spoken
I don’t know,
just leave me alone for a while
Your feed is feeding me nothing
but half-truths and lies
And disguises worthy of any
Halloween night picture
that was posted on my timeline
I’ve thought of deleting you
but now it’s a psychological need
to constantly remain updated
and something doesn’t feel quite right
For something that makes me more
depressed than anything
it’s a sad statement to say
I subject myself to your site often
multiple times, daily.
And I always feel a little dirty
and a little beaten up afterwards
because people are living life
and going places, doing things
at least that’s what their pictures
and their statuses tell me
And I’m left wondering
What happened to life
before this all got so


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