These are the words you wish you wrote down

This past semester I fulfilled the one open elective requirement I had for my BA. It was a class on writing poetry and, as some of you know, that is something I do anyway so I thought it would be a cakewalk. It was, but I got to see how my interests evolved my writing style over a semester. It was an interesting journey. But I didn’t come here to post a long diatribe about how the class changed me because it didn’t. It really just reinforced my unwillingness to stick to convention with writing and my strong will to turn my back in the face of self-proclaimed authority on the subject of poetry. This is me being me at its finest, good or bad. This is a link to the PDF of the chapbook I had to create as a final project. Over 8,000 words of heart, soul and insanity. Ladies and gents, I give you…

The Lesser Lights


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