Reflections of a Church Planting Intern: Week 12

I don’t know how to begin.

This week didn’t have much of a theme, though it did for me in sort of an inadvertent kind of way. You ever have those kinds of weeks where you make plans and have expectations and those just sort of fall into the ground last minute? Yeah, it was one of those kind of  weeks for me. I’m pretty A type so my days have a fairly set structure and I can maintain that usually. even when things fall down within that structure, I can at least maintain the framework. It’s how I keep from losing my mind completely. I’ll give you an example.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are really my full days. Tuesdays I am usually at A2 starting at 9-10 AM and I’m there until 8:30-9:00 PM because Ben and I discuss things and I do whatever assignments and things that he has for me that day. I spend most of my day doing that taking a break for lunch and such when I can. Then, around 7 PM we are supposed to have a gathering of dudes that want to become better preachers. Do you ever get that feeling in your gut about something. I was supposed to preach this past Tuesday and two of the other four guys called out for their own, respective and legitimate reasons. So, it got called off and my preaching notes now sit on my desk waiting this coming week. It’s not a huge deal but for once I felt I was ready.

Sometimes stuff like that happens in a good way. Ben and I were gonna go get lunch and we decided to head for the nearest Sam & Louie’s off 180th & Q. Unexpectedly a familiar greenish-blue van pulls up to us in the parking lot bearing Ben’s wife Heather and their 3 daughters. Providence shined, I guess as it had been quite some time since I got to hang out with them as a family.  It’s always a blessing to be in an environment where they get to operate as a family since they’ve sort of adopted me as their own. Not to take anything away from the family I have but I have discovered in the last few years that good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep and yet even more difficult to keep in touch with. So, it does my heart and soul a lot of good to have friends that can maintain open communication and feel just like family. So, I have learned that the unexpected can be a good thing.

It’s hard to believe this summer is almost over. If memory serves the coming week is my last week before I head off to school for my 3rd year at NCC with what will probably prove to be one of the most interesting schedules I’ve faced yet.  I have 4 classes between 8 AM-12 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll have Tuesdays and Thursdays completely off. And through the entire week I’ll be doing P90x in the evenings.  If I don’t burn out before midterms it will have been by the grace of God alone.

“To all my demons that breathe fire down on me and every angel that shares it grace with me,
I am no king.”



2 thoughts on “Reflections of a Church Planting Intern: Week 12

  1. Hey, just wanted you to know I like reading your posts. I feel like I’m kind of on the journey with you. Although not any of actual tough part.

    • Doing a week summary like this has been kind of difficult at times, honestly. There’s the motivation to do it and then there’s remembering the things that happened, asking myself if I forgot something important.

      I’m glad to have you along for the ride. Even if I don’t always remember how I got here.

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