Reflections of a Church Planting Intern: Week 9

Having come down from the stress of the parade weekend I went into the next portion of my learning everything there is to know about church planting and such. I had my schedule shifted around so I could meet with our worship leader to plan out the coming Sunday’s worship. If I’m being honest it wasn’t the most interesting thing in the world though I think music is integral to the worship service experience. Since he’s used to working alone instead of collaborating with other people we never really overcame the fact that he knew what he wanted to do and there wasn’t a whole lot of discussion about the songs being used. Completely understandable, so I didn’t’ go out of my way to step on his toes. Though I did suggest we open the service with “Driving Nails” by Demon Hunter.

That’s about the sum total of my experience with worship this week.

My thoughts were divided between a few things. One of which is an entire blog topic in itself and I’ll compose it when I’m good and ready. I’m still thinking through and reading what the Bible says about healing and trying to discover its connection with shalom. I’m not talking about healing like the charismatics talk about healing but more of how God wants to bring us back to the idea of shalom in emotional and spiritual ways. I guess I’m referring to the healing of the entirety of a person rather than just their immediate physical needs. So I’m going to continue to wrestle through that one for a while.  God has just been showing me things more and more that just keep coming back to the idea of healing someone’s inner turmoil and it keeps returning to the idea that it really only happens in community. The great “I/me” vs. “us/we” battle that has been coming up in the A2 services as of late.

This week was a nice departure from how stressed  I was in the previous week so I am kind of glad for a pretty relaxed week. It was also nice to be able to pick up my SG and play it for the first time in a while.  That is, of course, after I took it into the repair shop at Guitar Center because two of my tuning pegs had mysteriously been broken. I feel like I’ve been too relaxed in my guitar playing because I can still feel the burn of the strings on the tips of the fingers of my right hand. I really want to play more. Especially after having read “Anarchy Evolution” by Greg Graffin. I went back and revisited the music the author wrote with his band Bad Religion back in the 80’s and discovered the kind of music my heart has been aching for these last few weeks. I’ve grown tired of all the technical and ridiculous music that the metal and hardcore scene have been spewing out. Music that no longer evokes thought, insight or emotion is of no interest to me and that’s exactly all I’ve been hearing. It’s why I started listening to hip hop and exploring older music.

I realized I missed music that was unapologetically aggressive.

So, when I dialed up the compilation “80-85” and the first song “We’re Only Gonna Die” came on I felt like part of that restraint dissolve and I totally dug it.It made me want to plug into my amp and start writing songs that were not technical, not complicated, but aggressive, honest and gritty. Historically, as one trend becomes overly popular there is a reaction to that style and its key components are polar opposites. I’ve been saying that I cannot wait for the music that is a reaction to these bands that fly all over the fret board. And I’m still waiting.

So, for what it’s worth that was what I was thinking about this week. We now move on to the next.


One thought on “Reflections of a Church Planting Intern: Week 9

  1. Shalom and healing, sounds like you have a dissertation sitting on your hands there.
    Maybe whenever I make my way back to Nebraska, we can form some dirty punk band comprised of clergy. Sound fun?

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