Reflections of a Church Planting Intern: Week 7

I’m going to be completely honest here and say that there wasn’t a whole lot I remember about this week. We had some meetings and talked about some stuff regarding the parade. Nothing really stuck out to me about this week other than getting most of our yard signs yanked by the city. Apparently you need a permit to put up that kind of thing. You live and you learn, right?

I have a story to tell you and it’s a brief one so this entry will be short. I was asked to give a sermon to cover for my friend Jon at York E-Free church and of course I jumped on the opportunity. I switched my text towards the beginning of the week from Habakkuk to Genesis 11, the story of the Tower of Babel. I did m y prep work for that text and felt like there was something missing. Of course, I tumbled it around and eventually God gave me some clarity and I connected it to the description of Pentecost in Acts 2. Great, I thought to myself, I’ve got this thing in the bag.

Sunday rolled around and some guys form the Christian Motorcycle association were going to be talking before me. A man about 6’4″, thin but not really skinny, bald head, beard, leather vest and chaps got up and told a very short story about how his life has changed in the last 3 years since he found Jesus. As one being used to appearances being deceiving I was not at all surprised when he started crying but it was still a really powerful message to see this man tell us about the life giving power of Jesus Christ in his life. He prayed for us and got up and asked me for a hug probably because I was sitting directly in front of him. I try to sit in the front of every church I attend now. I don’t know why.

Oh, then I remembered that I had to preach after that. It was one of those moments when I asked myself if, perhaps, it was even worth speaking. I haven’t quite nailed down the dynamic of a worship service and how all the components work together to make one experience. I had a really hard time getting started. I laughed out loud at the humbling experience of it all and did my best to get things started. I fumbled through it and gave the message I felt I needed to give and got my rear end out from behind that pulpit. I talked with some people who had various things, all of them good, to say about the sermon and I did my best to deflect those in very polite ways.

And then I talked to Jerry, the biker who spoke earlier and he and I discussed the finer points of looking the way we do and being Christians. We hugged and I left to go meet a friend of mine who was preaching in a town nearby.

And that’s all I got for this week.

P.O.S. – “Never Better”
CKY – “Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild”
CKY – “Volume 1”
CKY – “An Answer Can Be Found”
CKY – “Carver City”
City & Colour – “Little Hell”
Sleeping Giant – “Sons of Thunder”
Living Sacrifice – “The Infinite Order”
War of Ages – “Pride of the Wicked”
War of Ages – “Arise & Conquer”
War of Ages – “Fire from the Tomb”
Killswitch Engage – “Alive or Just Breathing”
Third Eye Blind – S/T


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