I was listening to the Mosaic podcast, more specifically from the Relational Intelligence series, when I heard the following words. It was part of a story that Hank Fortener told of a man he felt overwhelmingly compelled to talk to at a Shell station at midnight:

“Hey, I’ve never done this before
and it might sound weird to you
I don’t know what you believe about God
but I follow Jesus and sometimes he talks to me
and I’ve been sitting over there miserable
because I’ve been overwhelmed with the fact
that I’m supposed to tell you something.
If this means anything to you take it
if it doesn’t, please ignore it and act like
you never met me.
I just feel like I’m supposed to tell you
that you’re going to be ok.”

As everyone knows, I am a huge fan of language and the rhythm of speech and the cadence and pace of conversation. When I heard this, it was as if he was speaking poetry like my heroes of the slam poetry stage. True poetry comes from the heart and sometimes, I think God gives us not just the words to speak but the pace and rhythm in which we deliver them if we let Him.

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