I’m still alive

I speak to a lot of people at my job and I usually forget them as quickly as I speak with them. I can’t even remember what I thought would be the most memorable and evil of callers now. I will probably forget this one too unless I take it down.

At first, I thought he was being pawned off on me because he was too difficult a customer. I saw that he was over 90 years old and knew right away there would be some hearing issues. And I couldn’t have been more correct.

Admittedly, I was very frustrated with this man until he realized we had already taken care of his issue but he heard the previous representative incorrectly. The whole time I was thinking about how I really am not looking forward to getting old if God lets me. But then he started talking as older people are wont to do if you let them, at least in the realm of customer service.

One of the first things I heard him say was, “I thank God for letting me live this long and still being able to take care of myself.” That rattled me for some reason and then I just listened. He told me about how he still drives his car and goes to the store and is able to basically live on his own. He told me, “It’s easy to die”. And I smiled. His greatest advice was simple, yet perfect. “If you want to be happy, do something that makes you happy.” It’s difficult to argue with 90+ years of life experience.


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