Where the Light Shines Through

Come on all you broken people
let us gather together
We are the mortar that kisses
lip-locks the bricks
And the building we construct
is one with many holes.
We call them windows
because we let our
imperfections show
and so we let the light shine
through them.

Our story is a book of
many pages that bear many scars
ulcerated, thus illustrated
by the pain life gives
and we ought not be afraid
to let people read it.
As the pages turn,
they’ll see through us
only to find the words of another’s
story there to fill in the gap
where the words were burned out.

And because we are missing pieces
and to others the missing piece
we are integral to each other
if we weren’t we wouldn’t be here
but because of the stories we’ve lived
we shouldn’t be here.
Or shouldn’t just be here
But there, out there where our fingertips
reach heartstrings unmet
in the wilds, the streets, the coffeehouses
where the bricks don’t quite meet
but thank God for your place
in this wall, this building,
because we are the mortar that kisses,
lip-locks the bricks together
hopefully forever
in eternity
where the light


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