Quick update

I had a tryout with a band yesterday to be their vocalist. My allergies prevented me from doing a whole lot but they were all nice enough to let me come back in a couple of weeks when I’m not feeling so gross and such.

I’ve fallen in love with the band Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

I think it’s really funny sometimes how wordpress will show you what someone typed into a search engine to find your blog. It’s even funnier to me when they spell my name wrong when searching. For the record my name is spelled thus:

Jeremiah Shafer.

Thank you.

The house is awfully quiet right now which I am thoroughly enjoying. It’s nice to not have to listen to things being blown up or swords/axes/daggers whatever being swung about in the heat of battle. Or to hear my roommates yelling at a TV that can’t hear them and won’t change the way it reacts simply because of said yelling. Oddly enough, you can’t bully a computer program.

The new iPhone 4 was scheduled to be released today. I ordered it on the first day of the very short pre-order period and still won’t get mine until after July 4.

Those are my random thoughts for today.


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