She Pervades

I only post this to show what happens when my mind is left on idle for an entire day. This is all fiction, just so you’re aware.

blank, blank room coated in dust. black, black dress coating pale, white skin containing blood rushing to face as i pass compliments like crumpled up notes gone from desk-to-desk handprint, busted by the teacher and read out loud for all to hear. i am flustered, hair tousled and short. short like my breath exhaled in panic-laced strikes of an alarm bell fireman call. Her eyes strike down to her black, stacked high heel lifting arch way shoes, twisting the left to one side as if stubbing the butt-end of a flamed-out cigarette smoked like I felt, burnt to ashes because of the movement of air just fanned the flames now spreading red down her face in the capillary filling rampage of embarrassment.

But shocksuprirse a half-broken in grin lights spaces on my face as I see bright red lipsticklace part above her chin and below her nose, uplifted by invisible hooks in the corners as she bears ghost white and evenly spaced like stones in her mouth. Y’all, she smiled at me. And that is all that matters.


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