Under Night Brightless

I am ghostlike
Cloaked in nighttime
And starblaze
Twinkling eyes
Shadowed against
This wall,
Fitting in with
The shadows.
I am disappearing…
I had wished to disappear
And the absence of
Absorbed the pigment
Of my skin and
Took me in.
Watching from the corners
I am constant
Avoidance, spitting
Meteors from my teeth
With the moon in
The place of my face,
I am marked with craters
From life taking it’s
Best shots
At me.
And still I stand
Under the night,
The absence of anything
But the light inside me
And here I sit,
And wait
And watch


2 thoughts on “Under Night Brightless

  1. He is the light inside me, the only light sometimes. And sometimes, amid the falling stars and comets I recall the One, the Calm that gave peace to the storm. And for a moment I rest.

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