The Tide Began to Rise

I heard you speak today in a real conversation but it wasn’t with me.  It reminded me how much I missed you.  I was jealous of those people in the room with you.  My depression overwhelmed me.  This song sums it up well:

The Tide Began to Rise
by Demon Hunter

I don’t belong here
I never saw this on the path I walk
The blood-stained walls, the lines of chalk on the floor
Its getting so hard
I never saw the backlash, when the tide began to rise
I can’t remember
The way it was when everything felt right
My mouth held shut and eyes sealed tight with control

So I remember on the inside

I found a dark, infernal place, I don’t wanna face anymore
Somehow I won’t stop feeding the pain
My heart’s just the same as before

So now I’m stuck here
Between the guilty and the insincere
The words I’ve spoke have left me here all alone
I should have known this
I never saw the backlash, when the tide began to rise
I wish it all gone
I could’ve burned it when I had the choice
And now I’d die to kill this noise in my head

If this is all the love my spirit can give
Just take it back tonight
There is not a reason more to live


One thought on “The Tide Began to Rise

  1. I am praying for you. That God will give you peace to let go of this one. And that he will give you incentive and energy to fuel some discipleship relationships with guys in your dorm. Miss hanging with you dude.

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