Find your way home

Knock, knock knock. Dare you answer?  Turn the knob, crack the door, blinded by the light you see that you’re holding outside by the one mere chain.  The fetter that binds you shut and safe.  But safe is not what brought you here, safe is not what keeps you up at night, staring at that one single chain keeping the door from blowing wide open with the force of every wind from every day since the beginning.  But what you don’t see, what you fail to realize is that beyond that door is safety and peril.

It is not a duality, a dichotomy, these two powers are not equal but one will wait for you until you break that chain and open the door and the other one will too.  This is not a riddle.  There is a light that will seal you up tight and keep you no matter what hell may be wrought and the other will see you bound in the chain you just broke, mocking you, laughing at you, taunting you into a corner and you’ll shut that door maybe forever and never trek to the outside into the safety of the light.  Instead you’ll settle for the comfort of your safe little closet and let the dark sink into your pores and warp your mind.

At the door there is a light and you need but remove that chain and, on the way there, there is a man who wears his personality on his face with great gaping jaws and the chin of a prizefighter who eventually goes down in the last round and he’s always watching you waiting to point fingers.  The roadblocks and stumbling you encounter ahead are usually his doing but never go looking for him, only realize he will send something your way to try and make you hit your knees and scrape ’em.  You need only grit your teeth and stay on those knees, reaching out to the light for guidance and a hand will aways pull you through it.

Through fits of fire and the tempered steel pins of anxiety and dread there is the hope of the light beyond the door.  Just unhook that chain and step out into the cleansing rain and reach for the light.  One day you’ll find your way home.


One thought on “Find your way home

  1. Yes!! This is you. This is me. I’m thrilled we’re on the same wavelength after all. Let’s not trip over each other as we head out..

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