1 AM, All Saints Day

My mind is a mess
So let me adress this
While everything is fresh
with wet paint signs

Campus dead at 1 AM
the suggestion comes up to
take pictures of our
All Hallows gear
There two of us dressed up
One with a camera,
and a fourth just tagging along
The outside seemed like
the appropriate place to
pose ridiculously under
walking lights to fulfill our
fit of fancy.

You know, earlier
three of us talked
and told stories of
demons and angels
and how the latter
had shown in the
providence of God
giving aid to us in
times of outside outside interference
But she didn’t know this before…

We were discussing what poses
would look best to befit
our outer garb
Halloween was technically over
and we were now
dancing  around the campus lawn
on the day of All Saints

So, around 1:30 AM we’re talking
one of us freezing because
he forgot his coat and shoes.
A pair of headlights like wide eyes
flooded our background.
We thought nothing of it.
On the truck was the word
And in a case of mistaken identity
we heckled the driver…
until he exited the vehicle.

The lights shut off, the door swung wide
And silhouetted against the darkness
was a large man,
dark skin
security uniform
And before we could exchange confused glances
He had closed the distance
between all of us and
asked for information
about our school
And he told us the story of
how he’d come from his
home country of Nigeria
where he’d preached in front of
1,000 people
But when he came here he learned
experience isn’t everything,
that a sheepskin is the only
way he could get to where
he needed to be
for he had heard the call.
As he relayed all of this
liquid crystals
welled up around his eyes
But his voice remained strong.
So. Strong.

And on this day for all saints
this man told us his name
“God has heard”
And God heard that night
as we asked if he needed us
to pray for anything.
We locked hands and he
tuned his voice to the key of heaven and
spoke in such authority
and volume that you
could feel the electricity
as this man, this saint
lifted all our trials to the Most High God
to fortify us until our final breath

And after the closing and
resounding “amen” from
we five saints
Four of us hit the ground
like the strength in our legs
was non-existent

And then the gravity hit me solid
between the eyes and on the chin
and I felt this great dichotomy of
Heaven and Hell within me
And I found that the Strength
never left me
and I ran.
Blind to everything but shouting
to high Heaven
until my knees met the earth
the grass wet with dew
and I prayed the same thing
I’ve been praying and gaining
more ground towards the target:
Letting go.
And not standing on my own knowledge
but His.
But through prayers of my own
and others.
I know it will happen because


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