Keyboard Theology

This is becoming more and more evident to me as I find more and more excuses to keep my laptop positioned well… On my lap.  I had read that Christianity is slowly going the way of the Dinosaur.  I disregarded it because it was on Fox News, but it made me think nonetheless.  More and more I’m finding some extremely intelligent people with a lot of Bible knowledge and I’m wondering why I’m not finding more people like this on the [rare] occasions I actually do leave my home.

I guess I could answer that for you.  I could count myself alongside these keyboard theologists in a way, if only just recently.  This came to light just today, actually.  There is a forum I frequent for the Blessed Resistance which is an official community that you have to pay for to get into.  Therein lies an insane amount of intelligent conversation ranging from predestination to the existence of Satan.  I had dabbled in trying to answer simpler questions about the gospels and whatnot on websites I won’t even mention now.  I found they caused to much anger in me and so I cut that proverbial hand off.  Anyways, to get back to the original question, the reason you don’t find these people much in the outside world is because they are like me and perhaps don’t get that chance to get out and talk to people or can’t find a lot of people to discuss their understanding beyond just witnessing to people.

I know the online community gets eschewed quite often by a lot of people because there is this misconception that it’s nothing but a bunch of geeks tapping away at their keyboards in their parents’ basement.  I know a lot of geeks who are part of this, two of which are on my links.  Mark Driscoll bashes on the bloggers who have nothing better to do than pick things apart and complain, Zao even wrote a song about their message board antagonists in the song “Trashcanhands”.  But there are those of us who use this as a platform to reach others across the spans state lines, sometimes oceans.  In a lot of cases, these people are challenging me even beyond the boundaries of those who live near me and I have in-depth conversations with.

So, I would say that while bloggers and message board members can be a thorn in the side, perhaps a major irritation.  If you’ve ever been engaged in a flame war, you know what I’m talking about.  I guess what I would say we’re not all like that.


One thought on “Keyboard Theology

  1. Thanks for a provocative post. I would not discourage anyone from writing a blog, but everyone needs a kick in the pants to keep it real. If you would never dare whisper the word “Jesus” to a real face, perhaps it is a good reason to take the blog offline.

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