Break out the best china

Alright, I know I told plenty of people that I was going to avoid being “that guy” and I wouldn’t construct myself a public blog.  But since all my friends are so cool and have blogs, I just had to follow suit.  However, something has driven me to do this and I had some ideas for certain things or a certain format that this would be used for.  And now some explanations:

1. The name.  I’ve used it before, but I found to be quite fitting.  It’s originally from a Nodes of Ranvier song called “Oh Yeah, Well My Daddy Died With a Needle in His Arm”.  Essentially, it’s about culture.  More specifically, the overindulgences of rock musicians.  You can read the lyrics here.  

2. The title also comes from the same song.  But it has dual meaning.  The application of course is derived from the indulgent cultural icon’s desire for both the opiate, then the revolver.  But I also would say that of, of course, without Jesus Christ, where would I be?

3. Content will most likely be the random bits of odds and ends of culture I find.  Mostly the spiritual aspect of things, but may deviate from this when I see fit.  After all, this is my blog.  Not yours.


With all that said, here’s hoping…



… as for what, I’m not sure yet.


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